TYPO3: Cleanup your FE HTML source code

TYPO3 produces a lot of comments, prefixes, metatags etcetra… You might want to clean your HTML source code when your website is complete. In order to do this you need TypoScript!

Note 1: This is a 'living document' and will be updated when I
        discover new or better methodes. Less = more :)
        Last update: 3 November 2009.
Note 2: This might be a bit too much cleanup so please adjust
        the code to your needs. I'm working on more documentation!
config {
    # Disable the comment which comes with every content element
    disablePrefixComment = 1
    # Disable the border attribute in images
    disableImgBorderAttr = 1
    # Put inline css styles into a external css file
    inlineStyle2TempFile = 1
    # In the title tag, set the page title before the website title
    pageTitleFirst = 1
    # Remove the default JS file (copy into custom JS file!)
    removeDefaultJS = 1

tt_content {
   stdWrap.prefixComment >
   # Warning: By unsetting `tt_content.stdWrap.dataWrap`, you
   # remove the ability for anchor links to work when selecting
   # content elements on a page for a link.
   stdWrap.dataWrap >
   stdWrap.innerWrap.cObject >
   stdWrap.innerWrap2 >

tt_content.image.20 {
   imageStdWrap.dataWrap >
   imageStdWrapNoWidth.wrap >
   imageColumnStdWrap.dataWrap >
   # Unsettting rendering.dl will clean up the DL tags but might
   # break your CSS code when applied afterwards.
   rendering.dl >

lib {
   parseFunc_RTE.nonTypoTagStdWrap.encapsLines.addAttributes.P.class >
   stdheader {
     stdWrap {
       dataWrap >
       prefixComment >
     10.stdWrap.wrap >

# Below: Use only if you have DC tags in your source
# This is often seen but not by default

plugin.meta.flags.DC = 0
page.headerData.999 < plugin.meta

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  • Do you have a sample URL to share with the results of the above page cleaning?

    A warning, by unsetting `tt_content.stdWrap.dataWrap`, you remove the ability for anchor links to work when selecting content elements on a page for a link.

    A tip, by simply setting `tt_content.stdWrap.prefixComment >` you remove the need to specifically unset the individual content element types via `XXX.stdWrap.prefixComment >`.

    In you’re using `plugin.meta`, are using the built-in deprecated `plugin.meta` template or extension metatags?

    Cheers and thanks for the blogging.

  • Maarten says:

    Hai Michael,

    A warning, by unsetting `tt_content.stdWrap.dataWrap`, you remove the ability for anchor links to work when selecting content elements on a page for a link.

    Thanks for the heads-up, didn’t notice!

    I had never seen the DC tags from the meta plugin until a week ago. Since the website wasn’t my own I didn’t remove the plugin (couldn’t figure out the purpose) but simply disabled the tags using the code above. I actually found the particular code through another website, but I can’t remember which one….

  • Maarten, You’re welcome for the suggestions.

    I know metatags and deprecated plugin.meta have the DC options, but I haven’t seen documentation to where those are worthwhile on the web. Must be an academic thing.

    Did you test setting “tt_content.image.20.layout.default.value” once without the `< tt_content.image.20.layout.default.value` resets? I think the reset of tt_content.image.20.layout.default.value will be picked up on the more specific components.

  • Maarten says:

    The document has been updated again…

    – More documentation (still not enough)
    – Smaller code with same results (30%!)
    – Removed some unwanted results

  • feek says:

    Hi Maarten,
    do you have a suggestion how you can ‘move’ the javascript for the GMENU and the mouse-over (CDATA) to an external file?

    Tnx Feek

  • Maarten says:

    Hi Feek,

    This issue has been around for a while and even though there is a patch available it’s not yet implemented into the TYPO3 Core. The feature is set for version 4.4 but you can also patch right now:

  • feek says:

    that works for me :)


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